The goal of school for both of 1 year 6 months course and 2 years course is to help student to get the best knowledge of Japanese language, to help them to confident in examination and studying in professional schools, colleges, universities.
・Graduation in March
・Classified based on each student's level

Enrollment schedule

    2 year-course (Spring Course)

  • Number of student
  • 60
  • Election method
  • Paper Test + Interview
  • Application period
  • September to the end of October
  • Starting time of course
  • April
  • Course period
  • 2years
  • Class time
  • 1,560 hours
  • Candidates
  • International students

    1 year and 6 moth-Course (Autumn Course)

  • Number of student
  • 40
  • Election method
  • Paper Test + Interview
  • Application period
  • April to the end of May
  • Starting time of course
  • October
  • Course period
  • 1 year 6 months
  • Class time
  • 1,170hours
  • Candidates
  • International students

Studying Timetable

Morning class

  • 09:00~09:45
  • 09:45~10:30
  • 10:45~11:30
  • 11:30~12:15
  • Afternoon class

  • 13:00~13:45
  • 13:45~14:30
  • 14:45~15:30
  • 15:30~16:15
  • Course content

    Beginner (6 months)

    Goals: Basic vocabulary/ phase structureand practice with phrase and words (equivalent to Japanese language proficiency N4 level)

    Vocabulary・notation About 1500 basic vocabulary
    Hiragana, Katakana, about 300 Kanji words
    Listening・Conversation Pronunciation guidance, pronunciation correction
    Understanding and applying of the short conversation
    Writing Practice writing short paragraphs under the title
    Reading comprehension Understanding of simple phrases learned through the short and simple text.

    Pre-intermediate (3 months)

    Goals: Apply the knowledge learned in beginner level and completebeginner level. Pathways to intermediate level (equivalent toJapanese language proficiency N3 level)

    Vocabulary ・notation ・Study the words in Japanese language proficiency N3 level and Kanji
    ・Study and apply the basic Kanji
    Listening・Conversation ・Learn to listen the topics in daily life.
    ・Lear and practice the natural pronunciation and intonation.
    Writing Learn to write the text according to daily life topics
    Reading comprehension Learn to understand and the content meaning of long reading comprehension, seek information

    Intermediate (6 months)

    Goals: Practice to give the opinions according to the Japanese topics not understand (equivalent to Japanese language proficiency N2 level)

    Vocabulary ・notation Study the program of Japanese language proficiency N2 level, Kanji words (about 6000 new words, about 1000 Kanji words)
    Listening・Conversation ・Listen the news, understand and and summarize the general topics
    ・Through the learning and practicing of natural pronunciation, practice to improve speaking in accordance with the standard Japanese language
    Writing Practice to write the text according to EJU test or the text to give personal opinions.
    Reading comprehension Practice the reading comprehension text according to EJU test or equivalent to Japanese language proficiency N2 level

    Pre-senior (3 months)

    Goals: Apply and complete intermediate level, background for senior level.

    Vocabulary ・notation Practice and learn the words and Kanji in the program of Japanese language proficiency N2 level
    Listening・Conversation Learn the way to listen and understand the conversations with different difficulty levels
    Writing Learn to write the text according to Japanese language proficiency test or the text according to the personal opinion topics.
    Reading comprehension Learn the reading comprehension text according to the test program in Japanese language proficiency test

    Senior( 6months)

    Goals: Learning the sentences are written in specialized topic, talk, news, discuss and give opinions. Learn the specialized field, study, the basics of Japanese language.

    Vocabulary ・notation Learn the words equivalent to Japanese language proficiency N1 level (about 150,000 new words, 2000 Kanji)
    Listening・Conversation ・Listen the news programs related to the specialized field
    ・Learning the Japanese proverb
    ・Listen to the speech
    Writing Learning to write the essay about the professional field, the essay about the important themes
    Reading comprehension Read the essay hard, read magazines ...

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