Cosmos Academy of International Language is located near Ukimafunado station in Itabashi District, Tokyo City. In addition, our school is also near Ukima Park – a large area which is surrounded by crystal clear lake and green trees. Ukima Park is an ideal place for you to be able to organize the outdoor camps, and this is also the place for festivals and seasonal events such as cherry blossom festival, fireworks ceremony...
The goal of our school is not only help the students get Japanese certificates such as N1, N2, N3; but also help students have enough confidence to attend entrance examination and to study in professional schools, colleges and universities in Japan.
Moreover, we are the bridge to help students get knowledge of culture and people of not only Japanese but also other countries. Thanks to school's activities, we hope to build and develop a good relationship between Japan and other nations in the world.

  • Full-year schedule

    Have worthy opportunities to take part in events together Japanese around. Thanks these activities, students can improve their Japanese proficiency.

  • Courses

    The goal of our school is to help students get Japanese language proficiency certificate from N4 to N1. We not only focus on teaching grammar but also methods of reading journalist articles, writing theses…

  • School life and part-time work

    Our teacher group are always ready to support students and give them the clear guidance for all aspects of the life to make everything easier.


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