School life and part-time work

Study today and success tomorrow

After entrance, international students will attend Japanese language proficiency test on each level and answer the oriental questions for each individual about their dream. And then, our school will try to orient for each student their next learning step in Japan. Before completing of their dream, student will have meaningful time when they study at our school such as the following photos:

  • 1:Learn Japanese language according to each level
  • 2:Refer to the information of professional schools, colleges and universities thanks to flyers or websites of various schools at Cosmos Academy
  • 3:Japanese language proficiency test in all levels, learning how to interview, write small essays, short, try the entrance examination in professional schools, colleges, universities
  • 4:In addition to the Japanese language, we also help students practice subjects separately in case of requirement or orientation for life in Japan.

Life style guidance in Japan

Our schools will give new students life guidance, such as instructing students how to travel by train or bus, living supplies, daily activities or part-time work in Japan.
※ Note: Students are permitted to work within 28 hours / 1 week according to the regulations of Japan for international students

Participate in extracurricular activities organized by Town

Through the extracurricular activities, our school hopes to help international students enjoy meaningful, happy life when they live far from their countries.

  • 1:Participating in sports festival (Tennis, table tennis, football…)
  • 2:Participating in volunteer activities at Ukima park.
  • 3:Joining in the cherry blossom festival, winter festival, summer festival

Other guidances

  • 1:Guiding for each individual if requested
  • 2:Guiding to find house or dormitory
  • 3:Guiding students to register for banking records, postal, insurance cards... When registering insurance card in Japan, students, similar to Japanese, will be reduced to 70% of funds when going to hospital.

For more details, please contact Admission Department via school’s Email/phone number
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